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I have 2 chains, a cable lock, and a cover that has 2 padlocks. It's a bit of a pain in the ass, but a thief will likely think the same thing and move on to the next target. - David Rinella

Some people get their bikes stolen even though they use a krypto lock. If you run a chain lock around the floorboard and around a pole, you must take up all the slack in the chain loop. Otherwise thieves may be able to tilt the bike (so the pole rests behind the legshield), and shimmy the chain up to the legshield to the steering column. From there, if the chain has enough slack to clear one of the grips, the bike is as good as gone. The thieves can slip it over one grip, then over the other, then over the front fender. As a precaution, you can accessorize your scoot with Quadrophenia- style lights and mirrors - there's no way thieves could slip the chain over all that hardware. Of course, then you'd have to put up with all the little East-village mod kids telling you how Rad your bike is ;) - Anthony

mul-t-locks are THE hardest locks to pick, We have one of the door locks on our shop, The key alone is scary looking, and Our friend who is a lock smith, asures us that it is the lock to go with. I'm sure the pad locks aren't far behind. I would also like to add that i bought a few pad locks from a store and did my own little test with some bolt cutters, All i can say is that make sure your lock is HARDEND STEEL, The cutter went into a master lock like a hot knife through butter. And a cheap China lock took a 400 pound man 3 min. to budge. So its not always the name, its also the metal its made of, hope this helps - drunknpirate

It should not be too hard to find a spot on the street between cars that is close enough to a lamppost or tree guard, etc so that you can chain up to it. When my 3 scooters were stolen last year, yes the intention seems to have been for joy-riding, but the thieves didn't stand around trying to start the scoots. They rolled them down the block and into Riverside park to be away from prying eyes while they were trying to figure out how to start them. If this happens to your bike, good luck trying to find it - - even if the thieves can't start it. - Tom G.

Had a disturbing incident with my Lammy. I had been riding it to the Pelham Metro North station most mornings and locking it to a stout railing. One night when I got off the train, I found that someone had epoxied the cylinder on my kryptonite U-lock. I tried to pick out, and/or dissolve the stuff for hours before giving up and having to cut the scoot free. Now the only reason to epoxy the lock that I can think of is to induce me to leave the scoot at the train station overnight, giving the thief the opportunity to cut the lock when the area is deserted. (or am I just paranoid??) Anyway, this little incident gave me the opportunity to conduct a very expensive experiment. Using a borrowed disc grinder, I cut through my Kryptonite Barbed Wire Cable. It took less than 1 minute!! Having just pissed away about 120.00, I proceeded to cut the shackle on my Kryptonite U-Lock. This was a bit harder - - It took 2 minutes! So - - if you were wondering just how safe your scooter is when you have it "securely" locked up - - now you know. My advice?? Multiple chains and locks.-Tom G.

Never under estimate the power of keeping your bike covered. Covered bikes don't get messed with as much as uncovered bikes. No joke. If someone keeps stealing your expensive cover then get one of those cheap blue tarps from the hardware store and tie it around your bike. 5'x7' for a small frame and 6'x8' for large. If you have a color choice then go with grey to not stand out as much. Remember to not lock your scooter where you are going to piss off the neighbors. All it takes is one A-hole to call the local precinct to get your locks cut & give you a huge headache getting your bike back. Besides that, now you will be on your local cops radar and they will be keeping an eye out for your scooter. Once they have your VIN you're screwed. Seriously, learn from my mistakes and don't even complain if you catch someone letting their dog piss on your bike. That's the price you have to pay for saving tons of money on parking in the city. I personally have saved enough to by a few scooters by now. Cheers, Stian

FYI - I just ordered/received from the 5.5 foot NY kryptonite chain with EV lock for $89.95 - $50 cheaper than in most stores in the area. - Monica

(38231) $73.95 Kryptonite New York Noose Short with Lock (3.3 ft)
(38233) $89.95 Kryptonite New York Noose Long with Lock (5ft)
(38234) $66.95 Kryptonite New York Noose Long without Lock
And i use this one with an evolution lock
(34190) $42.95 Kryptonite Barbed Wire Security Cable 5'6" x 20mm Diameter
-Gregory Heller

Cheapest place in town is Ace Hardware around 4th St. and 1st Ave. $89 for the 5.5 NY chain with lock. No shipping charges, much cheaper than mail order, even w/ tax. Around $70 for the 3 ft.
Cheers and chaos, Rob (chrome p2)

Please submit your own locking techniques. Thanks,

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